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Pinecone is a pattern library for the Platform Cooperative Development Kit.

Development Quickstart

  1. Clone Pinecone from

  2. Install Node.js and npm.

  3. Install dependencies: npm i

  4. Start Fractal, Rollup and Webpack: npm start

  5. Visit the local development site at (probably) http://localhost:3000.

Implementation Details

Pinecone is built on three components:

  1. Fractal and the Fractal Nunjucks adapter, which handles the pattern library itself.

  2. Laravel Mix, which handles Sass and JavaScript compilation.

  3. Rollup, which exports the Pinecone JavaScript library to CommonJS and ESM formats for ease of import into build systems (e.g. Sage’s Webpack implementation).

Running the npm start command as above starts Fractal, Rollup and Laravel Mix in development mode with live reloading via BrowserSync. Any changes you make will trigger a recompile (if necessary) and reload your browser.

Building Pinecone

Pinecone is built and deployed automatically to Netlify at If for some reason you need to build your own production copy, npm run build will generate a static version of the pattern library in your build directory.